Sweet Potato Vine




Materials: fresh sweet potato, toothpicks, mason jar

The Sweet Potato makes a fine looking vine to grow indoors. It can grow to a height of six feet or more. To get your vine started, stick six or seven toothpicks in a circle around a sweet potato near the bigger end. See drawing 1. Suspend the sweet potato by the toothpicks in a mason jar with the a little bit of the bigger end sticking out. (If your sweet potato is to long for the jar, cut off part of its bottom end.) Add water until 1/3 to 1/2 of the sweet potato is under water. Keep the water at about this level. Drawing 2. Change the water whenever it looks very rusty. Keep the jar in a dark place – a closet for instance – until the roots begin to form (probably in about a week). Drawing 3. Then move the jar into a sunny window. Within another two weeks, your sweet potato will form sprouts. Drawing 4. The vine may grow 12 inches a month. From Douglas W. Downey and Karin Wisiol’s book, Things to Make and Do, 1952.