Spirit Weavers Gathering


The 2nd annual Spirit Weavers Gathering brings forth the gift of honoring women along with children of the earth and sun. Founder, Amy Woodruff, aka Daughter of the Sun, envisioned the idea of gathering women and children to share sacred time and space through ceremony, song, dance, skill sharing and teaching the wisdoms of sacred traditions and medicines.

I had the honor of teaching Pine Needle Basketry to nine beautiful woman and the opportunity to learn the ancient art of Indigo Dying with Niki Livingston, as well as joining in Cacao Ceremony with Paola García Parra-I’x Tz’unun. There was much to explore and learn. Amongst the many teachings that were shared were Pottery Bowl Making and Pit Firing, Peyote Stitch Beading, Sacred Drum Making, Rattle Making and Medicine Song, Buckskin Beaded Medicine Bags, and many heart space workshops/ceremonies that created community and a safe place.

250 gatherers made ceremonial magic under the desert skies of Boulder Gardens in Joshua Tree, California. We camped for four nights and five days, nourished our bodies with raw vegan food made daily with love, had morning rituals of yoga or tea ceremony, meditations and walks through 640 acres of sacred eco desert land to share, learn and connect. We also traded our handmade goods towards the end which makes giving and receiving more meaningful. So much mindfulness permeated the air as we were all connecting to the earth and being kissed by the sun in the day and the moon by night.

The experience of women gathering is so empowering and enlightening, it creates sisterhood and community. Each woman seemed to have carried away something so beautiful and magical and as for the kids so much joy. It’s been over two weeks since the gathering took place and the blissful feeling still stands out. The sisterhood has continued to grow locally since returning home and the connections I’ve made are beginning to deepen. I am forever grateful.

Here is a song that we learned during the closing ceremony called the Angel Wash. This song echoes heavily in our bodies and in our minds and becomes more powerful when its sung to each other and received by one another. Two circles are formed, a smaller inner circle and a larger outer circle. Each circle faces the other, creating a pathway about two feet apart for each individual to walk through. There is a person who leads people from both circles one by one to walk the path. Each person walking through receives loving and healing touches from both circles who are singing this powerful song. As each person reaches the end, they are guided back by another person to reform the circle again to rejoin in the singing until everyone has gone through. These lyrics vibrate so much love and can easily be sung daily as ritual or meditation.

“I behold you beautiful one
I behold you child of the earth and sun
Let my love wash over you
Let my love watch over you”

Photograph: Mikki Sage